Sept 10, 2011, Delta, BC: Calming the Storm

Delta, BC

Preschool Promenade

Keynote Address: Calming the Storm: Nurturing Interventions for Children with Challenging Behaviours: Children take on the activities of each day with different experiences shaping their mindset. For some children, these experiences can set them up for difficulty in navigating their daily routine and environment. Since behavior is the primary mode of communication for children of all ages, this difficulty typically translates to behavioral challenges. This workshop will detail key triggers for behaviorally challenging children, the diagnoses these children often receive (e.g. ADHD, ODD, and Conduct Disorder), and the feelings underneath these diagnoses that must be understood in order to guide the child through. We will discuss how these various triggers, diagnoses, and feelings impact a child’s ability to cope with daily routines and environments, and will spend time exploring key strategies and nurturing approaches that can be used to help calm the storm.

September 10, 2011