Mar 3, 2011, Kelowna, BC: Connections for Life

Kelowna, BC

North Okanagan Foster Parents Association

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Connections for Life: Understanding the essential role of attachment in the emotional health and development of children with FASD: The key to “growing” children who are emotionally healthy lies first and foremost in promoting rich and nurturing relationships between children and their caregivers. When children have strong, healthy, positive relationships with their caregivers, they are better able to manage their emotions, regulate their behaviour, and relate to the world around them. For children with FASD related diagnoses, the nurturing of that special attachment relationship can be challenging. This workshop will focus on understanding the nature of those challenges, and on discussing key insights and strategies for working through those challenges. As part of this, we will discuss the “language of attachment,” and what attachment “looks” like, all through the eyes of a child with FASD. It is through attachment that the true emotional health potential of children with FASD is realized.

March 3, 2011 9:00am-4:00pm