May 12, 2011, Vancouver, BC: Keeping it Real

Vancouver, BC

The 9th Annual Assessment Conference

Keys To Children’s Mental Health: Assessing Children’s Social And Emotional Well-Being

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS Keeping it Real: A Contextualized Understanding of Social and Emotional Assessment for Children and their Families: The children and families we are privileged to support as professionals in the year 2011 are remarkable in many ways. These are children and families who face adversity socially, economically, and personally. For many, this adversity presents in layers, with challenges that mount and become overwhelming, eventually manifesting in mental health exceptionalities. However, these are also children and families who have within them inspiring wells of resilience. We will explore how our approaches to the social and emotional assessment of children can be key to tapping such resilience by informing support and intervention planning. We will bring the voices and lived experiences of children and families facing such layered challenges today into our full color understanding of the issues at hand. Through all of this, our aim will be to keep the world of social and emotional assessment real, to awaken and inspire humanity in each of us as we approach our work, and ultimately, to cultivate continued momentum in our collective drive towards mental wellness for the children and families of 2011.

May 12, 2011