Apr 14, 2011, Maple Ridge, BC: Learning Disabilities & Brain Development

Maple Ridge, BC,

James Cameron School, Parent Group

Learning Disabilities & Brain Development: Understanding the “exceptional” brain: Children with learning exceptionalities (i.e. a learning “disability”) have brains that, by definition, are unique. This uniqueness often leaves educators and parents puzzled regarding how to best teach, nurture, and grow-up the child with a learning exceptionality Understanding the root source of some of the exceptionalities we see in children can go a long way to fostering both empathy and ingenuity in how we respond to children. This workshop will focus on exploring the sources of such exceptionalities using basic neuroscience. Through this exploration, we will work to find our “eyes” for children with learning exceptionalities, converging on not only a deeper understanding of the day to day reality for each of these children, but also a renewed focus on our efforts to see them grow, learn and develop in the most nurtured of ways.

April 14, 2011, 6:30pm-8:30pm