Feb 23, 2011, Penticton, BC: The ABCs of Mental Health for Children

Ministry for Child and Family Development, Penticton, BC

Contact James.MacNamara@gov.bc.ca for registration details

The ABCs of Mental Health for Children: Understanding childhood emotional and behavioural challenges through the lens of attachment. The foundation for understanding the mental health and development of all children lays in the relationship these children have with their most trusted care providers. The impact of this foundation on the subsequent development of the child’s emotional health is pivotal. In this workshop, we will seek to understand the most common mental health challenges in young children, including behaviour disorders, anxiety, and depression, through the lens of attachment. We will explore how a child’s early relationship connections create for them neurological and emotional trajectories that can have a significant impact on later emotional development. We will examine our approaches to understanding the needs of children presenting with mental health concerns, as well as the methods we use to intervene and nurture change in their worlds. Finally, we will explore how we as a system need to respond to the attachment needs of children – needs which really are the heart of the matter.

February 23, 2011, 9:00am-4:00pm