Jan 22, 2011, Mission, BC: The World of the Child

Mission Association for Community Living, Parent and Caregiver Workshop, Mission, BC

Contact Karen Vinnish at karen.vinnish@macl.bc.ca for registration information

The World of the Child: How brain development, environment, teaching strategies and discipline combine to support optimal child development in the early years: It has been said that the “early years last forever.” Indeed, the most current information on child development makes us more certain than ever that what happens for a child in the first few years of life will have significant impact on the rest of the child’s life course. In order to optimally support children in these important early years, parents and caregivers must have a solid understanding of the key stages and concepts of early child development. In this workshop we will explore how the young child’s brain develops and how this links with our expectations of them at different ages and stages, as well as with our practices in terms of teaching and discipline. We will learn how the manner in which we interact with our children is integrally connected to how our children learn to control their impulses, regulate their behavior, and calm their minds and bodies. Throughout this workshop, we will review key ideas and strategies for creating home/learning environments and routines that will ensure each child’s early years are optimally impacted by our loving care and guidance.

January 22, 2011, 10:00am-3:00pm