Quieting the Storm

Quieting the Storm: Responding to childhood emotional and behavioural challenges using attachment safe strategies: The foundation for understanding the mental health and development of all children lays in the relationship these children have with their most trusted care providers. The impact of this foundation on the subsequent development of the child’s emotional health is pivotal. In this workshop, we will seek to understand how our responses to children’s challenging behaviors have the power to make or break the child in terms of emotional health and well-being. If our responses are informed by the science of relationships and guided by our knowledge of attachment, we will see far different outcomes than if our responses are entrenched in the outdated practices of behaviorism. Through this workshop, we will learn about the key recipe for ensuring our responses to children’s challenging behaviors are indeed founded in the science of relationships and the theory of attachment. We will apply this recipe to a variety of actual cases from both the presenter and the participants with the goal of having participants leave the workshop feeling equipped to optimally nurture the emotional health and well-being of even the most challenging children.