Nov 21, 2011, Merritt, BC: Parenting the Energetic Child

Merritt, BC

Parenting Energetic Children: Using intuition, compassion, and “position” to nurture our young: The key to “growing” children who are happy lies first and foremost in nurturing emotionally attuned and responsive relationships between children and their parents, caregivers, and educators. When children have strong, healthy, positive relationships with these key adults, they are given many gifts. On the whole, these children will grow up to be adults that are better able to manage their emotions, regulate their behaviour, and relate to the world around them. That is, these trusted relationships create an atmosphere of emotional safety that allows lifelong happiness to be cultivated. But how do we stay focused on this goal of “connection” when our energetic children present in ways that challenge us? How do we respond to “behavior” in a manner that allows us to continue to hold our children close? This workshop will focus on the issues at the heart of the matter in helping parents, caregivers and educators create this connected atmosphere with children. We will discuss: the roots of the parent-child/big person-child relationship; the reasons why this relationship needs to thrive for all children, but particularly for those children who are “exceptional”; and some strategies for bringing these ideas to fruition. Through all of this, we will stay focused on the ultimate goal of having children realize their full potential through the rich simplicity of connection.

November 21, 2011