Feb 2, 2012, Vancouver, BC: Beyond Behaviour: Understanding Children from the Inside Out

Vancouver, BC

The Early Years Conference 2012: The Development of Children’s Mental Health: How Do We Become Who We Are?

Beyond Behaviour: Understanding Children from the Inside Out: Difficult behaviours in children need to be understood rather than controlled. Behaviour actually reflects a remarkable adaptation for the communication of needs. This concept will be explored alongside key approaches for responding to behaviours that ultimately support the child’s developing self, their relationships with their care providers, and their mental health. Learning objectives include:

  • To understand behaviour in children as an adaptive strategy for communicating unmet needs, including the neuro-scientific basis for behaviour
  • To understand the inner-workings of the child as a guide for crafting responses to behaviour that help rather than harm
  • To learn key approaches in responding to children’s challenging ehaviours that are informed by attachment and connection

February 2, 2012