Feb 4, 2012, Vancouver, BC:When Goodbye is too Hard

Vancouver, BC


When Goodbye is Too Hard: How to Support Children and Parents through Separation Anxiety: Due to the wonderful workings of the human brain in its efforts to keep us physically and emotionally safe, one of the most stressful things for a child is to “face separation” from their parent. And while we often recognize this as expected and even typical behavior for many children, where it sometimes becomes difficult is when the parent is as or more anxious than the child to “face separation.” As professionals, it can be a delicate dance to diplomatically support both parent and child through difficult goodbyes. In this keynote presentation, we will discuss nurturing, intuitive, and understanding approaches to mastering this delicate dance. We will review the parent “cue” system and the nature of parent-child “super glue” to inform everyday strategies for easing the strain of the parent’s goodbye as much as the child’s.

February 4, 2012