Jan 17, 2012, South Surrey, BC: Making Sense of Attention Problems

South Surrey, BC

A Video Course and Discussion Group Facilitated by Dr. Vaness Lapointe at The Wishing Star Offices

Making Sense of Attention Problems: This video course has been developed by internationally renowned psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a best selling and award-winning author.  His revolutionary yet scientific approach turns parenting right-side up, restoring natural intuition to parenting and putting parents back in the driver seat.  His book Hold On to Your Kids is causing an international stir and is now available in 8 languages.  This video course takes the best that science has to offer and renders it readily accessible to parents of children of all ages.  Dr. Neufeld approach has won powerful endorsements from such luminaries as Dr. Daniel Segal, Dr. Mary Pipher Raffi, Dr. Peter Levine and Robert Bly.  For more information about Dr. Neufeld or his approach, visit his website: www.neufeldinstitute.com. Learning objectives include:

  • To provide a basis of understanding from which to assess the nature of an attention problem
  • To equip with strategies to address the roots of the attention problems where possible
  • To provide a natural approach to treatment that has greater promise for effecting a lasting difference than a symptom management approach
  • To provide an appreciation of the maturational factors in attention and how to address these
  • To equip participants to differentiate between attention problems rooted in development arrest, attention problems roosted in defensive blindness, and attention problems rooted in neurological dysfunction

January 17, 2012
$250, group is limited to 10 people to encourage participation
Registration: Please contact the Wishing Star at 778-294-8732