Mar 3, 2012, Abbotsford,BC: A Child’s Work

Abborsford, BC

It’s All About me Conference: Morning Session

A Child’s Work

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  • Marie Karwath | 2012.03.04 at 10:39 AM

    Good morning Dr. Lapointe,
    Thank you so much for the strategies and information you provided us at the “All about Me” conference.
    I know now how important it is for the children to be able to express their feelings through their world as a child. I’m going to look, listen & play more, thanks to you.
    I’m wondering if it ‘s possible to get the keys notes of your workshops, A Child’s Work & Wrestling, Battling, and
    G-U-N-s, they would make an excellent reference addition to my parent library.
    Thank you again,
    Marie Karwath
    Mee Wee’s Corner Family Daycare