May 3, 2012, North Delta, BC: Challenging Behaviours in Young Children

North Delta, BC


Challenging Behaviours in Young Children: Discussions on discipline abound in the field of child development and in the parenting literature, typically with a focus on supporting adults in having the upper hand over a child’s challenging behaviours. Thus, difficult behaviours in children are viewed as something that needs to be controlled rather than understood. Unfortunately, this approach to managing challenging behaviours does not “work” in the long-term, and of great concern, often contributes to the perpetuation of such behaviours as well as the manifestation of potential mental health challenges. This morning address will seek to explore the true nature of challenging behaviour in children by understanding the child from the inside out. We will examine the science of why children rely of behaviour as a remarkably adaptive strategy for communicating their needs. We will seek to understand how to best meet the needs of the child in a manner that supports the child’s developing self, that nurtures the child’s relationships with their important care providers, and that ultimately promotes the child’s mental health and well-being. All of this will be accomplished through the insightful lens of attachment and connection, for it is this foundation that affords us the greatest capacity for truly understanding the child from the inside out.

May 3, 2012