May 4, 2012, Abbotsford, BC: Discipline that Nutures

Abbotsford, BC

Fraser Valley Child Development Centre

Discipline that nurtures children: Understanding the key role of relationship in responding to challenging behaviors: Often times as parents and/or caregivers, we are left wondering what exactly our response should be when our children present with challenging behaviours. Our task in answering that query is made even more difficult by the mountains of parenting literature encouraging us to use one strategy or another, with each successive strategy seemingly at odds with the one before. This workshop is designed to help parents and/or caregivers navigate this information overload. We will explore how our relationship with our children is at the core of both how we discipline them and the behaviours they present with. That is, our relationship with our children creates an incredibly important “context.” Our goal in this workshop is to understand how our discipline style and related strategies can ameliorate behavioral challenges by allowing for a relational context that is nurturing in nature, and that ultimately encourages the emotional health and well-being of our children.

May 4, 2012