Babies are an Inspiration!

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

What is it about that baby gurgle of glee that melts your heart and makes you smile?  My 7-month old grandson, was visiting one night (he brought his Mom along to drive!) and he giggled and cooed and his eyes lit up every time someone smiled his way.  He rolled across the floor, wrapping himself in his blanket and all the adults in the room watched and praised his antics.  Every attempt at crawling or interacting with his toys was met with words of encouragement and endearment.  When I think about it, if we received half as much positive support while walking our adult path, we just might gurgle with glee too!

LIGHT BULB MOMENT – when I act authentically, share my thoughts and feelings openly and with love and do what I can, stretching and growing along the way, I do hear those cheers in the background from my family and my friends!  And, the feeling of joy does gurgle up and tumble out in a giggle or a warm thought and a smile.

Thanks, Mr. B – you are an inspiration!

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