Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

He Shoots! He Scores!  Seven year old bodies speed from one end of the ice to the other – with or without the puck.  Teeth grit, muscles ache and then, the whistle blows and it is someone else’s turn.  The gritty hockey player looks up toward the stands at the crowd of mom’s and dad’s and grandparents, and smiles – a boy once more.  I spent Saturday morning in an arena watching my 7 year old grandson play hockey.  Ah, what memories!  Arenas always take me back to my own youth and my children’s growing up years as well. 

Being prairie dwellers for generations, we have this innate ability to withstand frigid temperatures while laughing and gliding over slippery, cold surfaces one way or another.  Most of the year on the prairies was spent seeking out the cold: jam-can curling behind the school, skating on the local pond, building snowmen when it warmed up a bit; having amazingly fun snowball fights with forts and neighborhood rivalries; and, best of all, warm donuts and hot chocolate when we dumped our wet socks, snowy jackets and toques and scarves and mitts in the entry way to dry out.

When I was little, I yearned for cold weather in November so the ice would freeze (no artificial ice for us!) and I could figure skate.  My first solo was when I was five years old – the old woman who lived in a shoe; she had so many children she didn’t know what to do!  Now that might have been a little bit of a foreshadowing event!

Later, as a parent, I thrilled to the game as my own children started to skate on the frozen river and then graduated to the arena and their own ice carnival moments with crazy costumes courtesy of Mom’s sewing machine.  Whether it was figure skating or curling, our family’s winter season revolved around cold, icy places with parents huddling beside the heaters while their children learned a waltz jump or spin or how to heave a heavy curling rock down a sheet of ice.

Despite my current complaints about the snow and cold, once again I find myself in arenas but this time with heaters and artificial ice watching little guys skate their hearts out.  Although it is much more comfortable these days, the thrill is just the same and even though the score went in the other team’s favor yesterday morning, my grandson will never forget the one goal he scored – hopefully, he will remember Grandma’s wild cheering in the stands as well!  This winter just got a few degrees warmer with the joy of children pushing up the heat just a little.

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