Connecting as a Family

Dr. Carla LeHouillier
Wishing Star Associate

Our day-to-day lives are very busy. Between daycare, after school activites, playdates, music lessons and sports teams, it can be challenging to connect with your kids or all together as a family during the week. Add the abundance of technology to the mix, and we can often find our family members in different rooms of the house watching TV, browsing on the computer, playing videogames or glued to the ipod or ipad. Dinnertime can be a perfect way to connect with your kids after a busy day. Sitting down to a meal together at the kitchen or dining room table on a regular basis is a practical way to re-connect with your children and spouse and hear about their adventures throughout the day. 

Or, schedule a weekly family games night, where the whole family can sit down together to play a board or card game. Let the kids take turns choosing games to get them engaged and keep them motivated! With younger children, bathtime can be a nice way to connect after a long day. Ask questions about your child’s day and share the highs and lows while splashing and playing in the tub. Reading a story or chapter book before bedtime with your children is another excellent way to satisfy that physical and emotional closeness that is so essential for infants, children, and adolescents to share with moms and dads after a day apart. No matter how busy the day, there are always a few moments within our typical routines to pause and connect as a family – be creative!!

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