New Years Resolutions

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

Every year we rush to get the Christmas season into gear with presents and parties and pretty little girls and pumped little boys reciting Christmas poems or singing Christmas carols.  After the last gift is opened and the final turkey is carved and the last tummy is stuffed, we settle down and just let the New Year sashay its way into our slowly emptying calendar.

I have never maintained a lot of tradition around New Years Eve and even struggled from time to time when I faced it alone.  It became a time of personal reflection and re-working my dreams.  But, the lists of personal goals became repetitive over the years – weight loss, house de-cluttering, exercising – so I finally typed up a document called New Year’s Resolution Template and put it to rest!

With more years behind me than in front of me, whatever can this grandma put on her resolution list?  The house is tidy, my reflection in the mirror is blurry and even the greatest exercise guru on the planet wouldn’t order a soon-to-be senior out into the cold for their 30 minute walk – RIGHT?

So, here is my new list posted on my fridge where I usually tape my “fat” picture on January 1.

The TEN Best Lessons I Learned from My Grandchildren This Year

  1. The yellow snow in the neighbor’s yard should NEVER be used when building snowmen
  2. Even when your best friend gets the Justin Bieber kid’s watch for Christmas and you don’t, you know that your mom loves you too much to spoil you with junk – at least she says so
  3. Silent Night does not always mean it is quiet – sometimes it just means you can have a sleep over if you stay in the basement
  4. Even if you don’t get a higher mark than Emily or Sue on the Math test, you are a star in your Dad’s eyes – you beat his marks in Grade 5 by a mile
  5. Mommies are not girls, they are Mommies – any three year old boy can tell you that
  6. Being kind to your neighbor with the broken leg and baking her cookies proves you are kind even if you slammed your bedroom door in your sister’s face because she ate two
  7. Saying thank you with your mouth is not the same as saying thank you with your heart – it is just easier than going to your room to think about it
  8. Looking with your eyes and not your hands is lame – everyone knows the sound of breaking china is music to a two-year olds ears
  9. If Mom didn’t see it, it never happened
  10. Hugs around your knees have a direct line to a Grandma’s heart

Happy New Year to all you Grandmas and the kids and grandkids that call you theirs!

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