Anxiety Syndrome – How will our Grandchildren Manage?

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

I watch my daughters as they struggle to raise healthy, happy children in this present society and I am so thankful I did not face all the worries they have in addition to “Will Johnny or Susie graduate from high school, get a degree and live happily ever after?” Now they worry about attachment problems, bullying, pandemics, germs, pedophiles, traffic, pollution, and on and on. To top it off, the worries are often passed on to the children just to keep them safe. My young granddaughters were reminded by their teachers about the safety rules in place to prevent at-school abductions including a discussion about a recent one that ended in murder in Ontario. They came home fearful of their own safety – but what can a parent say? My daughters struggle with raising their children with healthy minds and bodies. As grandparents who love these little ones, we need to give them the sense of security playing in a big backyard used to give our own children – safety and love and reassurance that this world is still a good place – when you follow Mommy’s and Daddy’s rules!

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