New Year Reflections

Dr. Natalie Rocke Henderson
Wishing Star Associate

Now that the holidays are over, we look forward to a new calendar year and may think about things in our lives that we want to do better. As a parent of two young children I can easily look back at the past year, the past month, or even the past week for that matter, and think of difficult moments with my children that I could have handled better. I often think of these moments as times that I wish I could have a “do-over” with my kids. Perhaps as we look to the New Year, we might consider three things:

First, reflecting on moments in which we might do better – consider how you might handle the situation differently given that you have now had time to reflect and are thinking more clearly. For example, in the heat of the moment you may need to remind yourself to take a deep breath (or two) first before responding. Sometimes the hardest part of parenting is managing the feelings that our child’s behavior evokes whether it’s frustration, anger, irritation, impatience or disappointment. A deep breath and taking a moment goes a long way to getting a hold on those big feelings.

Then, think of what you might say and do. Personally, I am going to work on saying less, staying calm, and trying to be as empathetic as possible. This might sound like, “Wow! We’re having a really hard time right now.”

Third, forgive yourself and resolve yourself to doing better next time. I can guarantee that within a day or two or maybe even within the hour, you’ll get another chance to do it better.

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