Long Distance Grandma – Looking for the Personal Connection

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

I have enjoyed a lifelong passion for reading and writing.  It has spanned grade school paragraphs printed by pencil in half-inch letters to pages of handwritten blue-inked words in my high school years.  Later in life, computers took over and now, technology has enabled a closet writer to publish her thoughts to a world of unseen readers.  It is a craft that begs to be shared.

In my quest for building relationships with long-distance grandchildren, I discovered some amazing resources online to supply some creative ideas.  One such site was http://www.fambooks.com/grandparenting.htm .  I latched on to an activity combining my two passions – writing and grandchildren – and could hardly wait to get started.

After I double checked with my daughter to ensure that my nine year old grandson would be interested in a little fun with writing and then sent him an email with one paragraph of a story I started with an invitation for him to write the next paragraph.  I cannot tell you how excited I was and how impatient I was to get his email back – not unlike a child waiting for Santa!  It finally arrived and I laughed for he had challenged me with a story that is heading into fantasy – not my choice of genres in story writing and reading.  I worked over it like a piece of homework and, keeping in mind my anticipation of his email, tried very hard not to delay it too long.

This has opened up an avenue of communication that is personal and fun – even though over a thousand miles separate us including a mountain range and a few rivers.  He has me thinking “Harry Potter” thoughts when I am much more in tune with “Little House on the Prairie”!

My hope is that this will be a crack in the door that will enable us to visit virtually until we can see each other again.  His younger sister is also interested in the project but has not submitted her paragraph yet – maybe because Mom will be taking dictation!

So, even though I am not there to teach them how to sew aprons like their cousins or take them to theatre productions or ballets, I am making the move to stay in touch, build a personal connection and, hopefully, someday, catch up on a few real hugs.

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