Perspective is Everything!

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

We have been renovating our basement with anticipation – it was the extra space we needed to entertain our grandchildren in a relaxed, fun way. Finding the white upholstery and breakable collectables in our living room a daunting, discouraging venue for floor hockey and wrestling, a new family room made sense. Comfy, stain-resistant couch, table & chairs for games, laminate flooring for hockey and a guest room for sleepovers – all is now ready and operational.

I have to laugh as I think about the time I spent planning my dream living room for when I did not have children running through the house, throwing jackets and books on the nearest table and grabbing a juice box on their way to the TV room and how that room would look with light coloured furniture, beautiful hardwood floors, pottery and collectables from around the globe. Now I rejoice at the sounds of children running through my house as they check for candies in my dish from Thailand or wiggle their little bottoms on to the new sofa, a glass of juice in hand reaching for the popcorn on the soft, leather ottoman (safety first!). It is such a special experience to be able to relax with this generation and laugh with them too. When the hockey stick comes out now, we can cheer for the imaginary goals instead of running to grab the collectables! Perspective changes everything – He shoots! We score!

And, a quote to make you smile: An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly. ~Gene Perret (writer for The Carol Burnett Show)

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