Exercise and the Impact on Your Child’s Mental Health

Amanda Hall, M.A.
Wishing Star Associate

A lot has been made about the growing obesity epidemic in our children today. It can be hard to compete with video games and finding the time in our busy lives to fit in time where children can just go play outside and burn off some steam. Exercise is not only beneficial to our kid’s physical health, but also has a major impact on their mental health. Exercise can help improve a child’s self esteem and confidence. It can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It can increase their concentration, provide a more restful sleep and show a significant improvement with their mood.

With Spring Break coming up, this is a perfect time to start getting your kids active. Make exercising a family event. Go to the park, kick a soccer ball in the back yard, or help your kids organize a game of tag or hide and go seek in their neighbourhood. Find time every day to get your children active and make it part of their routine and you will start to see the positive effects it has on their mood and their lives.

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