Healthy Habits, Healthy Families

Dr. Carla LeHouillier, R. Psych.
Wishing Star Associate

Ah, school is now back in full swing, and it can feel like summer is already a thing of the past. But back to school can mean back to a routine for a lot of families, which can be a great thing those routines include healthy lifestyle habits. The Kelty Mental Health website has a whole toolkit designed to support families in their healthy habits – everything from yummy breakfast ideas to physical activities the whole family can enjoy to sleep tips for helping your teenager’s chore of getting up in the morning easier (sometimes referred to as good ‘sleep hygeine’). They also have great relaxation ideas that are appropriate for anyone from children to adults, including MP3s of guided meditations. Remember, you can be creative and make relaxation activities game-like for younger children – preschoolers love to practice yoga poses or tense, stretch and relax their muscles like different animals (e.g., turtles or cats). Click on the link below to access their family toolkit, and check out the additional resources on the right hand side for some more quick ideas.

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