Feb 15, 2013, Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford School District

Topic: Play Through the Child’s Eyes: Jean Piaget, renowned expert and theorist regarding child development is often famously quoted as having decreed that “play is the child’s work.” And while Piaget was perhaps trying to communicate that children need to be allowed to be utterly absorbed with those things that are “meant to be” as part of the developmental process, including the incredibly powerful role of play, our current culture of pressing our children into learning and performing earlier and earlier seems to have distorted this message. Play is such a cherished part of growing for a child. However, for play to truly have the role that nature intended in the growing up of children, it needs to be play that is born of a restful spirit and not play focused on producing outcomes and results. Playing and Growing is a workshop that debunks some of the myths about play for our children and refocuses our attention on the true play that our growing children need room for in their lives. Included will be a discussion about how to differentiate play born of rest from performance driven play, and how to facilitate conditions in your child’s world so this kind of restful play has room to grow and blossom.

February 15, 2013