Comfort Food; Comforting Season

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

So many of us Canadians turn to comfort food in the fall and winter – I think it is programmed into our DNA!  We switch from making salads to soup and I love it!  I think I am becoming one of those nostalgic people who relish in good old-fashioned traditions.  Soup, pasta, casseroles, stews – my spirit calls for that kind of comfort.

AND the smells of autumn seep into my heart – freshly crushed leaves under my feet; delicious candles that smell like pumpkin pie; bay leaf and parsley wafting from the homemade soup simmering on the back of the stove; and the sweet smell of cinnamon apple sauce cooling on the counter! Sage and savory and thyme fast forward to turkey and stuffing and family and tables laden with all the trimmings.

The colours of autumn energize and warm me to the core – I will treat my eyes to a beautiful fall bouquet of golden and rust marigolds. This year I think I will switch the focus from breads and pies and stuffing to the beautiful vegetables that are fresh and available: golden, green & orange squash, red beets, orange carrots, purple turnips, rust-hued sweet potatoes and glorious pumpkin.

Traditions lift my spirit – I will embrace my family. This Thanksgiving will be a gluten free holiday at our house to ensure our young granddaughter feels 100% part of the celebration and is not having to eat her “own” pie or cake or stuffing!  Old traditions will be mixed with new ones that will hopefully transcend the generations in one way or another.

Dancing brings joy to my soul – even if it is a combination of martial arts and the twist like my 3 year old grandson, Benjamin, demonstrated at a little garage party this summer.  Maybe a  Harvest Dance in our garage would make a few memories and add a little spice to a Thanksgiving dinner!  It would certainly bring a smile to this Grandma’s face!  Wouldn’t it be fun if we could Skype in the long-distance grandchildren for one BIG virtual party!

May you and yours experience the comfort and joy of counting your blessings this Thanksgiving

Colours of Fall

Colours of Fall

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