March 7, 2013, Vernon, BC

Vernon, BC

The Bridge

Topic: Knowing Resilience, Creating Momentum, Trusting Change: Championing relationship-focused care in community-based support of parents and children

For service providers, community agencies, and program personnel, often times the complexity of the challenges faced by the families and children we support overwhelms. It can be difficult in this whirling picture of challenges to choose a focal point for finding a way through. This workshop will blend direct instruction, reflective groups, and didactic discussion time to hone in on evidenced-based approaches to care that really can make a difference to families and children in their every day world. Included will be consideration of the key role of relationships at the systems, community, and family level with a focus on advocacy and capacity building, and at the core of it all, the ultimate focus on the attachment relationship between parent and child. This attachment relationship dynamic will be deeply explored in terms of how it develops, the toll that parental hardship, including parental mental health challenges, can take on it, and ways to nurture attachment, even in the face of adversity.

March 7, 2013