March 9, 2013, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Community Brain Injury Program

Topic: Staring Hope in the Eye: Creating Momentum, Trusting Resilience, Knowing Change

As parents, you stepped into the role of inviting your exceptional children to be deeply dependent on you as you nurtured them to find their place and their way in this world. You helped them navigate change, challenge, disappointment, and triumph. Now, as you look to the future, the focus shifts slightly, and at times this shift can prove alarming to youth and parent alike. The deep dependence nurtured previously begins to morph in the direction of confident autonomy. With this, the parent yearns to trust that the legacy of resilience they have endeavored to gift their child has taken root and will produce fruit. This talk will focus on exploring the themes of support, resilience, advocacy, and changing relationship roles for parents who walk the path of raising an exceptional child. The resonating theme so wisely voiced by Psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld will be that “We must hold onto them so that they might let go of us.”

March 9, 2013