Zumba for Grandmas

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

So, my first Zumba class.  First of all, I have never been in a recreation centre filled with parents, kids and various in-between-ers – at least not for the purpose of working out myself!  I lived in small towns most of my life and this is BIG CITY stuff to me!  Finding my way through the crowd and the labyrinth of hallways and running paths (yes, they run around this centre) was the first test.  I finally made it through the change room door.  Not too late to change my mind, I thought, as I contemplated getting almost naked in a public change room. Oh! Oh! – Didn’t come prepared with change for the lockers – was that a sign?  Finally decided I would just commit and stripped – well, not quite – but you get the picture (just blur out those parts!).

I sat and ate my fruit salad so I would not be starving afterward when I hit the dinner table and then marched down the halls with determination.  I got lost! Yup, found myself in the fitness centre surrounded by steel and male muscles – funny how so few women were working out.  Finally I just followed some other women into a gymnasium full of basketball players.  The “blue” gym was thankfully, past the basketball players, the badminton players and the street hockey players – way in the corner away from most of the windows.  At least we wouldn’t have too much of an audience.

I observed the crowd – 22 women, children and one man. This was a family Zumba class and I was the oldest person there!  Well, shake your booty, Grandma – we are going to Zumba.  The leader was ridiculously skinny, could move like a backup dancer, and made the craziest faces to get everyone going in the right direction – almost as funny as the grimace on mine.  I noticed the six year olds watching and moving and jumping and laughing and doing it wrong, so, I figured, what have I got to lose but weight, right!  I got through the Latin music and loved the African beat that followed – got my groove on, tripped over my feet, walked in time when I couldn’t figure out what else to do and then, THEN they brought out the hip hop tunes with all that attitude and grunting.  Laughed out loud – I just don’t have it!  Kids loved it but I was so busy figuring out the moves and  the words I pretty much gave up following the leader! I did come home with a very sexy groin/hip rotation thing I never thought I could do though! GRIN!  I think I will go back ’cause I “ain’t” a quitter BUT I doubt I will become a Zumba enthusiast – “Watcha, Gotcha, oh baby!”  Maybe next time I will bring some granddaughters along to keep me movin’ even if I am not groovin’.

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