Angels & Shepherds

Eileen Hopkins (Gramma Jamma)
Grandma’s Point of View

Thank goodness for angels and shepherds. Have you ever noticed that in most Christmas pageants the littlest ones are costumed as shepherds or angels and every year they sprinkle their childlike glow on the rest of us and our Christmas joy bubbles up inside and spills over and fills our hearts and homes with – laughter? That’s right, real belly laughs that start deep down and gurgle their way into our chests and then into our eyes and then, there it is, spilling out all over.

Mary and Joseph are usually solemn and serious children who gaze at the baby Jesus doll in the manger and only sneak an occasional glance at the audience. The wise men walk regally down the aisle and across the stage with only a few whispers as they straighten their crown or scratch their bearded chins. But the shepherds and angels – now there you see joy. Shepherds who can turn candy canes into guns, shooting each other and members of the grinning audience as they giggle between licks of their red and white striped weapons. Or others, who follow their leader on to the stage, full of wonder that their moms aren’t waiting for them. They gaze into the camera flashes, blinking, waving, and some even stripping off the offending costume that covered their new Christmas shirt and pants.

But the angels, with glittering halos slipping down over one bright blue eye gaze in wonder at the Sunday school teacher singing Away in the Manger with all the actions. Some angels have dark brown eyes with curls framing their faces while others have long blonde ringlets tangled in their net covered wings. While three little angels line up smiling on the one bleacher ready to pretend they are cradling a little Baby Jesus in their arms, one with sparkles in her eyes and tiny gold wings wobbling on her back walks along the top bleacher and then bounces step by step down to her camera-toting Dad while Mom runs to catch her before she reaches the end of the stage.
Yep, what would Christmas be without shepherds and angels. We saw them once through our parent eyes, smiling at their happy, chubby little faces never even dreaming that such a few short years later we would be the grandparents of a new generation of shepherds and angels jumping and smiling and waving and laughing and yes, even crying, on the stage of Christmas.

Anyway you can, strive to see this season through the eyes of a child – it will never cease to amaze you and the warmth and joy will stay with you over the months to come. Joy to the World!

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