Homework Get Your Done!!

Homework Get Your Done!! Supporting Children with Executive Function Challenges – Our understanding of the brain and what is actually needed for children and indeed, even adults, to be relatively at ease with the day-to-day demands of life in the classroom and beyond has resolutely highlighted Executive Function as a primary area of interest. As a result, the term ‘Executive Function’ (EF) is beginning to become more commonplace. However, it is a term that is relatively new to the field, with many of us who work to support and grow up children often left scrambling to make sense of what exactly EF is, how it develops, and what we can do to both support its development, and find ways through for children who are struggling. All too often, children who have this type of struggle are thought to be lazy, unmotivated, disinterested, or manipulative, when the reality is their brains actually cannot engage in the expected way. Participants in this workshop will leave with a clearer understanding of EF, the children impacted by delayed development of such, and strategies and supports that actually continued growth of EF related skills and abilities.

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  • Christa Bajema | 2014.06.11 at 8:48 PM

    I just attended this presentation and am so thankful that I did. Dr. Lapointe presented at the homeschool expo last week, and I learned so much about EF. However, I would love to have the notes/powerpoint so I can share it more clearly with my husband and sister. I was told before the workshop that if I left my email address, I would receive it in an email. I am hoping that I didn’t get missed.