The Straight Talk on Psychoeducational Assessment Babble

The Straight Talk on Psychoeducational Assessment Babble: An everyday understanding of assessment results – Any parent who has ever had a psychoeducational assessment completed for their child knows how challenging it can be to read through a psychoeducational report. And research indicates that very few parents actually feel like they understood the assessment outcomes for their child. This workshop aims to bring a straight-forward understanding to the key outcomes of psychoeducational assessments. What does it actually mean on a day-to-day basis for a child to struggle with short-term memory? How might your child’s day-to-day life be impacted by visual-spatial exceptionalities? If processing speed is an area of challenge, how might this impact your child’s ability to absorb daily routines? We will look at each of the key areas and work to describe them in functional and meaningful ways. Workshop participants can expect straight-talk on the sometimes elusive psychobabble of assessment outcomes!