Through the Child’s Eyes: Adapting & Thriving

Through the Child’s Eyes: Adapting & Thriving – Why is it that some children can be faced with adversity and challenge and yet are somehow able to develop and grow in the most amazing way, while others who may face even less adversity do not? Why is it that some children appear to adults to be spoiled, inflexible, reactive, and intolerant, while others appear to be well-rounded, amenable, confident, and resilient? Although the answers to these questions are, in part, found by considering temperament, circumstance, and other individual characteristics/factors, there is also much to be understood about how adaptation supports the growth and development of children in the most ideal way, allowing them to thrive. What is an adult’s role in supporting the adaptive process in children? This workshop focuses on supporting adults in their nurturance of adaptation for the children they are growing up. We will discuss the key components of the adaptive process, as well as the necessary “pre-requisites” that must be in place for adaptation can be primed. Our end goal will be to explore and discover how every child who is understood and championed by one or more caring adults has the limitless capacity to adapt and thrive.