Through the Child’s Eyes: Attention & … Squirrel!

Through the Child’s Eyes: Attention & … Squirrel! – The topic of “attention” is one that often has parents, teachers, and all sorts of other big people utterly befuddled. How is that a child can play with Lego for hours but cannot manage to sustain his/her attention long enough to understand “put your shoes away and wash your hands…”? Why is it that some children seem to “get better” at managing their attention, while others seem to get worse? Why is it that some children simply appear to tune out, while others become highly active, and may even present with different challenging behaviours? And how does any of this relate – or not – to the popularized label of “ADHD” and the treatment of such with medication? The reality is that it can be utterly overwhelming to wade through the vast amount of often conflictual information about attentional problems, what they are, where they come from, and how to respond to them. In this Attention workshop, we will discuss all of this with the aim of equipping participants with a sense of how best to respond to the attentional systems and needs of the children they are growing up.


  • Grand | 2015.11.23 at 1:55 AM

    What Is the Difference Between CAPD and ADHD?

    • lapointepsychology | 2015.12.09 at 1:28 PM

      ADHD is related to the attentional networks within the brain and how efficiently they process information more generally. CAPD is specific to the processing of auditory information and typically is caused by some aberration in the brain’s ability to effectively make sense of incoming auditory signals.