Through the Child’s Eyes: Divorce & Separation

Through the Child’s Eyes: Divorce & Separation – Approximately 40% of marriages in Canada end in divorce. Consider that adults are often left scrambling to adjust and pick up the pieces with what is typically an unwanted and unintended change in plans. And then think of what it must be to be a child facing all the same things. As time marches on, there are often new partners that enter the picture, and even new step-siblings and extended families that come with them. There might be two houses to travel back and forth to. There may be one parent who lives farther away with whom only occasional visits are possible. How are we meant to do this? What is the right thing for our children? What are their needs and how can we understand them? The science of child development has much to offer on the topic of supporting children through the often disorienting experience of divorce, and all the many changes that accompany that. By using this science, we will put our minds to understanding the developmental needs of children of all ages as they are faced with the changing family dynamic. We will work to understand why different behaviours can surface for children in these circumstances in order to better inform our responses to those behaviours. And ultimately, we will work to see divorce and separation the way a child does, such that our love for our children and our commitment to their well-being can keep us on track in even the most trying of times.