Through the Child’s Eyes: Goodbye & Hello – Adoption

Through the Child’s Eyes: Goodbye & Hello – Adoption – The forever family. For many children who have been adopted and scooped up into the warm embrace of their parents, the journey to finding a place of rest in which growth and development can truly flourish is really just beginning. For a child who has faced the ultimate “goodbye” in order to say the most amazing “hello,” there has been introduced a whole world of needs that can be confusing and overwhelming to parents, teachers, and other big people. Interesting and sometimes difficult behaviors can surface. The child might respond at times in ways that confound and seemingly escape reason. Whole developmental systems can appear delayed or slowed. Intense emotions can bubble through. Unfortunately, popularized approaches to discipline and child development often appear remiss in addressing what can be highly complex, developmental needs for children who have been adopted, and even at times, appear to worsen the situation rather than improve it. In Goodbye & Hello we will discuss the foundational developmental needs of the child through the lens of attachment. We will use this understanding to make sense of behaviours and other complexities. And we will blend together developmental needs and this understanding to arrive at ways to respond such that true rest might be found and genuine growth fostered in our children who are adopted.