Through the Child’s Eyes: Resistance & Tantrums

Through the Child’s Eyes: Resistance & Tantrums – Why is it that our children can so resist our direction? Why is it that sometimes the simplest request can lead to meltdowns and angry tears? And how is a parent meant to bring their child back into line in the face of such resistance? Especially when the parent is under the scornful, scrutinizing gaze of everyone else standing in the check-out line at the grocery store?! Perhaps surprisingly, the answers to these questions have nothing to do with discipline strategies and “parenting” techniques. Indeed, in some situations, such strategies and techniques actually end up either causing the resistance to increase and/or leading to other more troublesome challenges. Instead, the answer to understanding resistance in our children lays in understanding the relationship they have with us as their big people and further, in understanding how we can bring our children in for “soft” landings as they must cope with all those things in life that simply cannot be – the toy or treat or extended bedtime that they want but cannot have. In Resistance and Tantrums we will discuss ways of understanding and responding to our children’s resistance and upset that do not make the situation worse, but instead have us leading the way for our children to grow and develop into truly mature human beings.