Through the Child’s Eyes: Sense & Sensitivity

Through the Child’s Eyes: Sense & Sensitivity – For some of our children, the world is simply too much. There is too much noise, bright lights, intense emotions…too much, too much, too much!! It is as though one or more parts of their sensory systems have been born with no protection. Sometimes it is a sensitivity in terms of emotions, sometimes a sensitive with one or more specific sensory systems (e.g. tactile, taste, smell, etc.). Regardless, it often leads to a child who appears easily overwhelmed, who can have interesting and challenging behaviours, who may withdraw or tune out, and who may begin to experiencing anxiety and frustration. In this workshop we will work to understand the experience of the sensitive child. We will discuss the underlying causes of sensitivity, the developmental risk that presents for the sensitive child, and ultimately, ways to support and respond to the needs of the sensitive child. Participants can expect to leave with a clearer understanding of how to make sense of sensitivity.

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  • tricia donald | 2014.03.13 at 9:09 PM

    Hello, I understand this workshop was tonight and i was not able to attend. Will there be another session held soon? I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Lapointe at Wind and Tide seminars and enjoyed her immensely. Thank you, Tricia