Through the Child’s Eyes: Worries & Wonders

Through the Child’s Eyes: Worries & Wonders – The prevalence of anxiety in our children has perhaps never been more prominent than it is currently. What has happened that our children are so full of worry? And what shifts need to occur for us as adults to be able to turn worry about the uncontrollable into wonder about the possibilities? As parents, teachers, and other ‘big people’ become increasingly concerned about their children and the functional daily impact of anxiety, our efforts can turn almost frantic as we try to glean helpful, supportive information from the unmanageable amounts available online and elsewhere. Too often this results in ‘quick fix’ approaches to ‘solving’ anxiety, rather than inviting a gentle, contemplative approach that is informed by the science of child development. This workshop will focus on making sense of the world of anxiety for children as they experience it. We will discuss the roots of anxiety and use our understanding of such to inform knowledgeable responses and supports for the children we are growing up who might be struggling with too much worry. The goal will be to provide participants with a developmentally sensitive approach to understanding worry and transforming it into wonder.