Grief & Loss: Cultivating tears and growing bridges

Grief & Loss: Cultivating tears and growing bridges – When a child and/or a parent must face an unthinkable loss in life, there is a whole set of instinctive responses and reactions that are set into play. Loss can be any number of things – loss of a pet; death of a grandparent, parent or other loved one; movement in and out of foster care; adoption; or even just a growing developmental awareness of death and loss. How we support and react to children during their time of grief is hugely important to how well they incorporate their experience of loss, and indeed, resolve it. To understand how we can support children, we must first understand the underlying process of grief and adaptation for children. This workshop explores in depth the adaptive process of grief and loss, what can get in the way of it, and how we can help children in walking through it so that they can continue to grown and develop as nature intended.