Dr. Carla LeHouillier, R. Psych

Dr. Carla LeHouillier - Registered Psychologist #2012
Associate: Dr. Carla LeHouillier - Registered Psychologist #2012

Dr. Carla LeHouillier (R.Psych) has many years of experience working with children and families from diverse backgrounds. She provides support to children and families facing challenges with symptoms of anxiety, difficulties with attentional regulation (sometimes call ADHD), explosive behaviour, executive skills, parent and child relationships (attachment), learning exceptionalities, and organizational skills. Carla comes from a family systems approach, believing in the primary importance of relationships within the family and parent-child attachment needs. She uses a variety of approaches in her work with clients, and provides parents with confidence and direction in supporting their children.

Carla has extensive experience conducting psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults, and consulting with school personnel to support each student’s unique strengths and academic growth. Carla brings enthusiasm, energy, and patience to her work with children and families, and believes in the importance of lifelong personal development and education. Carla has also previously supported infants, children, adolescents and parents in her past role as a Child and Youth Mental Health Psychologist with the Ministry of Children and Family Development.