Ms. Malgosia Tomanik, M.Ed

Ms. Malgosia Tomanik, M.Ed.
Home & Family Consultant
Home & Family Consultant: Ms. Malgosia Tomanik, M.Ed.

Ms. Malgosia Tomanik, M.Ed., is a Family Consultant who specializes in supporting children preschool to high school age and their "big people" in a variety of environments, including homes, school, and childcare settings. Malgosia is experienced in addressing concerns associated with the daily challenges of caring for a child who requires support, including helping to make sense of difficult behavior and supporting the big people for each child in finding a way through.

Malgosia is wonderfully skilled at strengthening the parent/child relationship, enabling the regulatory "dance" between child and parent to unfold naturally. Malgosia works together with parents as the experts in the various systems that their children are involved with, to set appropriate goals and find nurturing and supportive ways to reach those goals. Such goals might focus on academics, imparting an understanding of what a particular developmental exceptionality entails, general concerns about well-being, and a host of other possibilities. As a consultant, Malgosia is beautifully positioned to work closely with all of the "big people" involved with a family, including other professionals such as psychologists, teachers and early intervention services, and support through Child Care/School Services.

Malgosia’s bottom line is to support parents in strengthening their role as nurturers and caregivers, emphasizing understanding of their unique needs, and developing strategies to address those needs through Home-Based Parent Consultations.