Home Based Parent Support

Home Based Parent Support

Home Based Parent Support Services are tailored to your family’s needs and are focused on developing a nurturing home environment for your child. At the Wishing Star we are committed to supporting families in establishing a strong bond between parents and children. Our core belief is that a child reaches their full potential when surrounded by one or more caring adults. Home Based Parent Support provides families with individualized support and strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily life.

The process begins with an initial phone consult that allows The Wishing Star to gather information about the challenges your family is facing and allows us to rely on your expertise as the parent to let us know about your child’s needs. This is followed by a home observation visit where we will observe your child’s interactions with family members and daily life, providing more insight into the areas of need and potential strategies that will help your child grow.

When the assessment is complete, the parent(s) and other professionals involved in the care of the child are invited to a meeting to discuss an action plan and the implementation of a strategy to meet the objectives and goals of the family. Our involvement with the implementation will continue with follow-up phone calls, emails and meetings to support you and your family through the action plan and answer any questions you may have about the process and the expected results.

Parent Support Group

Parenting is a challenging, but rewarding path. Engaging with a professional to provide a nurturing and caring environment for your child can provide you with the confidence that your role as parent is going the distance in creating the best possible world for your child to grow up in – at home and beyond. The Wishing Star offers Parent Support Groups that allow several families to participate in sessions, providing professional advice but also the engagement and support of other parents. These workshops tend to focus on parent lead topics, with The Wishing Star providing advice and guidance through the discussion.

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