Parent Consultation

Parenting in today’s world can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of information available through books and the internet, as well as the advice received from friends, families, and even strangers can make finding your way as a parent feel insurmountable at times. Often, parents are encouraged to seek out expert advice only to find that they are further confused.

The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic parent consultation sessions are focused on supporting parents to see beyond their child’s behavior, and to work to understand this behavior from the inside out. We believe that parents are the answer for a child who is struggling. Our approach is to come alongside you as a parent, help you intuitively find your way to viewing the world through your child’s eyes, and support you in finding your inherent and nurturing power to parent your child. Founded on the science of child development and attachment (the relationship between parent and child), our aim is to have you filled with hope as a parent that you are your child’s answer.

Typically, parents seek consultation with us on issues like:

  • behavioral challenges
  • questions about discipline
  • frustration with their child or adolescent
  • concern about their child’s emotional health
  • attempts to make sense of a child’s experiences at school
  • support through adoption
  • how to best nurture the child in foster care
  • helping a child through divorce

At The Wishing Star, parent consultation involves parents/caregivers from one family meeting individually with a member of our team. The child is not part of the parent consultation session, and further, it is advised that the child not even be aware that the parent(s) are seeking this support. Instead, we encourage our parents to own their intuitive power to parent, with parent consultation sessions remaining a private endeavor between the parent(s) and the therapist.

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