Workshops for Girls & Related Speaking Engagements

Workshops for Girls

The Workshops for Girls are presented by Lindsay Sealey, B.A., M.A. Ed. an educator, writer, and personal development coach for girls.


These workshops will be offered at the The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic:

129-3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent, Surrey, BC V3Z 0K7.

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Upcoming Workshops
Girl Empowerment Workshops – 2017 Spring

Past Workshops
True Beauty Workshop Series – 2013 Winter
True Beauty Workshop Series – 2013 Spring
True Beauty Workshop Series – 2013 Fall
Workshops For Girls – 2014 Winter
Workshops For Girls – 2014 Fall
Workshops For Girls – 2015
Girl Empowerment Workshop Series – 2015 Fall
Growing Up Strong Workshops for Girls – 2016 Spring
Girlhood & Relationships Workshops – 2016 Spring

Raising bold new girls Workshop – 2016 January
Raising bold new girls Workshop – 2016 June

Related Speaking Engagements

Lindsay Sealey, B.A., M.A. Ed. is a warm and engaging speaker and presenter. She is creative and enthusiastic in her multi-media approach to delivering messages of hope and inspiration to students, teachers, and parents alike. Lindsay’s diverse experiences, reflective nature, and her passion for connecting with and empowering audiences radiates, as she presents relevant and current information on various topics on learning and personal development for girls. Audiences will appreciate Lindsay’s authenticity as she both informs and equips listeners with strategies, tools, and techniques for personal growth and personal best!

Lindsay is currently speaking on the following topics:

  • True Beauty: helping girls discover uniqueness and inner beauty
  • Bold New Girls: empowerment for girls
  • Gossip Girls: teaching what gossip is, why it happens, and healthy alternatives to gossip
  • Self-Compassion: helping girls become self-aware and build self-esteem
  • Girls Can: inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and active
  • Pressure’s On: teaching girls about stress and anxiety related to school, friends and social media
  • Perfection and Letting Go of "Perfect": learning about the 3 P’s of pleasing, performing, and perfectionism
  • Tough Stuff: an exploration of bullying, BFF’s, and body image


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